Automatic vs. Manual Engines: What is the Difference?

When it comes to vehicle transmission systems, a buyer has two options to choose from: manual or automatic. The main difference is that in a manual transmission vehicle, the driver has to use the clutch and a gearshift to change gears. An automatic transmission vehicle automatically determines the right selection for each situation and switches accordingly. So, what is the actual difference between the two systems?

Performance Differences

Regarding vehicle performance, the consensus suggests that vehicles with manual transmission perform better in terms of fuel efficiency. Manual transmission also gives the driver more control over the overall driving experience. What a driver loses in terms of control with an automatic transmission, they gain in convenience. It is much easier to learn how to drive an automatic transmission vehicle, and it offers a much more stress-free driving experience, especially in hilly areas and in congested traffic. With most new models coming with automatic transmissions, a buyer has more options to choose from when they opt for a vehicle with an automatic transmission.

Which Transmission System is Right for You?

This depends on your preferences and needs. For people who require high-performance, manual transmission is ideal. If you are going for ease of use, then the automatic transmission will be perfect.