The Best Plants For A Garage Environment

Whilst working on vehicles inside a garage can be fun, over time a sense of monotony may set in. These interiors are often blandly decorated. The main focus is instead on making it as efficient as possible. However, if there is some spare space available then it is worth using plants to make the garage seem more aesthetically pleasing. Mechanics who are not experts in caring for plants can utilise the Planta app. It provides step by step guides for helping different species to thrive.

The Amount Of Light In The Garage

The lighting levels for these environments will vary. They mostly depend on the needs of the mechanic. For example, someone working on small delicate engine parts may need a very brightly lit garage. The app available from contains a number of features including a light meter. It will help people decide which plants are best suited for the interior so that they do not accidentally choose the wrong type.

Opting For Useful Plants

Mechanics tend to be very practical people. Therefore they may choose plants that serve a purpose rather than just looking pretty. There is an abundance of fruits, vegetables or herbs that they could opt for. Edible plants help to make the garage self sustaining. It is also very good for the environment. Cars are notorious for releasing greenhouse gases. Growing food is one way to help reduce a carbon footprint.

Recycling Water

Working on vehicles and engines will usually require the use of plenty of water. If there is some left over then it is wasteful to simply pour it down the drain. Instead it can be used to keep a plant healthy. However, it is important to not use water for this purpose if it contains any dangerous chemicals. This is because the plant could end up sick as a result. Ideally the liquid should be pure or come from rainfall.

Livening Up The Environment

The mechanic will have to consider their own personal taste when it comes to deciding on a flower species. Very bright ones are best for livening up the garage. Some people like to stick with one colour scheme. Others prefer to create a rainbow effect by utilising a wide range of hues.