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Perry Switzer Please send your email address, thanks
Happy Thanksgiving, remember to include your email address with your questions. Thanks
1937 D5 overbore Have a shop with a sonic wall thickness checker find out how much material is left in the cylinder walls. Then you will know if you can safely overbore. Good Luck
MCF parts-Ritchie wants to know where to get them. Contact Phil Goller in Defiance,Ohio. His number is 419-428-2271
274 cubic inch flathead Your MCF heads should be 90cc chamber volume.
274 cubic inch flathead-working on getting the cc volume, is your block relieved and what is the deck height with the piston at TDC? That info, along with the cc volume, can help us determine how much the heads may need to be milled. Send email address, thanks
To Mark with the 274 cubic inch flathead in the 1936 Ford panel Let me know where you purchased your heads, thanks
1951 Ford with malfunctioning vacuum advance. 10/12/2010 Karl, Since you are running twin carbs your best bet is to switch to a 12 volt system. You might try a reworked SBC HEI distributor or the flathead MSD, either one should work very well. The HEI may need to be modified for your advance curve. 6 volts is fine with a stock engine but has limited reserve voltage to handle performance modifications.
Needs a crate engine Henry Ford flathead along with a T5 trans adaptor. 10/12/2010 Larry, contact Phil Goller at 419-428-2271 for your needs.
Jurij in Germany has a 1950 Merc with a flathead V8 that is making noise. 6/2/2009 Jurij, we do not have any engines available at this time. Your best bet may be to find one of the French military flathead V8 engines that have been finding their way to the US. Will let you know if we can come up with any contacts over here. Send me your email address. Also, if you know of any Ford G28T engines, let us know. We have a customer looking for one. This is the Model A/B 4cylinder engine that was produced until 1959 in Germany for cars,trucks and stationary powerplants. thanks
What jet are needed for a 3 Stromberg setup and is there a progressive linkage available? 5/26/2009 Please check with Phil Goller (1-419-428-2271) for the linkage. Jetting is engine/vehicle specific, you might want to get one of the electronic air/fuel ratio display units and go from there.
Blow by problem on fresh flathead. Rick, Fargo, N.D. 5/26/2009 Rick, Blow by problems are related to the rings and the condition of the bore. Either your rings are not seated or the bore was not machined and/or honed correctly. Good luck
Head Bolts,where can I get MCF head bolts for my 59AB? 2/7/2009 Contact Phil Goller at 1-419-428-2271.
Dan Nelson, Maryland Please send your email address. thanks
Full flow oil filter kits-Are these kits still available? 1/2/2009-Yes, Phil Goller has these in stock, he is at 1-419-428-2271. Thanks
Front seal-I need to buy one lip front crank seal for a 1953 Ford Flathead, also a sleeve for the front of the crank. 10/15/2008 Try Hal at 419-237-2884 or Phil Goller at 419 428-2271.
Lifters-I am trying to find lifters for my 1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan with the 337 8EL engine. Do you know where I could locate them? 10/15/2008 Call Hal at 419-237-2884.
Would it be correct to say that the mounts will be like an 8BA? 10/15/2008 Yes, the water pumps provide the mounts for the front of the engine.
Rear Main Oil Leak 10/2/2008 Bruce, contact Phil Goller, he is listed under Mark's Recommendations. He has modern type rear seals and should be able to answer your questions. Thanks
Oil consumption problem-I have an oil consumption problem on my 8BA. Fresh rebuild, moly rings, new valves and guides. I suspect its the guides letting oil by. Can these be sleeved? Wayne 9/5/2008 Wayne, yes these can be sleeved. Our normal practice was to ream the existing valve guide bore and install oversize valve guides. These bores get hour glass shaped as the engine builds miles. It makes it almost impossible to do a valve job with this condition as the mandrel cannot stay centered.
We get many questions for new and used parts for flathead engines. Also a lot of you want to know if the new block is for sale 8/23/2008 For used parts contact Hal, new aftermarket parts contact Phil Goller. Both are listed under the Mark's Recommendations icon on the homepage. No blocks available yet, still in the development stage. Thanks
Will the stock motor mounts work and will a C4 adapt like it does on the original flathead? 8/8/2008 Yes to both questions. The new block uses the rear of an 8BA.
Seasons Greetings 12/24/2007 If you need help with MCF parts for the old engines, check with Phil Goller, listed under the Mark's Recommendations icon. Happy Holidays.
Blowing oil filters 12/3/2007 When using the MCF full flow oil filter kit, the fittings supplied with the kit are modified to have a 3/8" inside diameter. If ordinary fittings are used in the return line, excessive pressure will develope. Make sure these fittings have a 3/8" inside diameter. The instruction sheet calls this out.
Graphite seals 12/3/2007 Jason, the graphite seals you are looking for should be available from Phil Goller. He is listed under the Mark's Recommendations icon
Oil pump kits-A lot of folks have been asking about these. 8/22/2007-Phil Goller is now stocking genuine MCF oil pump/filter kits. He is listed under the Mark's Recommendations icon.
Block-Is this block in any way connected to the block that Flathead Jack is developing in California? 7/10/2007 No, there is no connection whatsoever.
Update-What is the status of the new block, etc 6/4/2007-The aluminum version of the new block is still under development. No prices will be estimated until it is closer to being released. Turnkey engines are planned. Thanks for your patience.
Crankshaft-Will the new block accept the Mercury 4" crank? 4/17/2007 Yes, the Merc crank will work as well as the 3 3/4" and 4 1/4" cranks.
Hydraulic lifters-Is the new block set up for hydraulic lifters? 4/17/2007 No, the new block uses a mushroom style solid lifter.
Shadow Rods-Bob Durej asked some engine questions regarding the Shadow Rods 27 T. 4/10/2007 Bob, the folks at Shadow Rods can handle the entire package. If there are some specific items you require more info on, send us your email address and we will do our best to help.
3/26/2007 Radiator hoses-Claudio has some MCF heads and is getting set to purchase a new radiator. Claudio-The MCF heads are set up to use 1 3/4" hoses on the water necks, the radiator should be set up with the same size necks.
Oil Pan-Is there such a thing as a low profile oil pan for a 1953 Ford? 2/11/2007 Not that we are aware of, however we have had Tim Watson make us some custom oil pans. You will find him listed under the Mark's Recommendations Icon.
Are sleeves available for the lifter bores? 2/9/2007 Not that we are aware of, the machine shop that does the boring can probably make them.
Lifter bores-Is it possible to sleeve flathead lifter bores? 2/7/2007 Yes
Parts- We have been getting a lot of questions about stock and aftermarket parts for the original and French blocks. 2/3/2007 Our best source of parts is Hal. He is listed under the Mark's Recommendations icon. He is also good at identifying blocks etc. The new block was recently shown in Pomona at the roadster show. It was an assembled engine that was running on a test stand. It has since returned to Michigan and will be undergoing a teardown and inspection. No prices are available at this time.
Do you have a rear main seal holder for a Ford 221 V8? Doug 1/12/2007 Doug, check with Hal, he is listed under the Mark's Recommendations icon.
General information-vacuum leaks 12/28/2006-Make sure that the bottom surface of the intake manifold is flat. We always lap them on a surface plate, the cylinder heads as well. When machining the block, the manifold surface should always cleaned up as well. Don't assume new parts are flat, check them to be sure.
Questions regarding parts and cooling issues 12/28/2006-Cooling system questions can go directly to Malcolm Nevin, he is listed under the Mark's recommendations icon. Aftermarket parts will soon be handled by a hot rod shop in Ohio. Once he has his credit card machine up and running, we will list his phone number, website etc. This should be happening in January.
Uneven vacuum-George has an engine that has uneven manifold vacuum. 12/18/2006- George, what cam are you running and why were 4 of the valves replaced. Need more details to figure out what is going on. Thanks
Deck height-Steve C has an engine with the pistons setting .110" below the deck. The domes are flush with the top of the block. Steve wants to know if the wrong pistons were used. 12/18/2006 Steve,yes you have the wrong pistons in your engine. The edges of the piston should be near flush with the deck, but nowhere near .110" below.
Cooling systems-What's your experience with using high pressure radiator caps with coolant recovery systems on a flathead in order to raise the boiling point and avoid losing coolant? I've been told that flathead water pumps can't handle pressures above 4 lbs. Are there limits to the pressure these pumps can handle? 12/4/2006-Malcolm Nevin is listed under the Mark's Recommendations icon. He is our go to man for cooling system problems. He has written an excellent manual covering these issues.
Main cap crack-I have a 1947 Mercury and the main cap is cracked. The block also has several cracks. Any suggestions? 11/1/2006 Contact Hal as listed under the Mark's Recommendations icon. A lot of flatheads are running around with small cracks in the block but run it past him and he should be able to supply whatever you need.
Sonic checking-What do they mean when a block is sonic checked? 11/15/2006-A block is usually sonic checked in the cylinder walls. This is done with a device that uses ultrasonic waves to measure the thickness of the metal. It is calibrated with the type of metal to be measured, using the actual block is best since various alloys can affect the readings. It is done mainly in the bores since the cylinder walls can and do vary in thickness. It may take some time but finding the thinnest area and how large it is helps determine the maximum overbore that can be safely done for a given application. Sonic checkers can cost anywhere from $1000 and up for a new one and are often used to check port thicknesses as well, especially where water jackets are concerned. Good question.
Cadillac 346 cubic inch flathead V8-Where can I find info on this engine? 11/10/2006 The June-July 1972 issue of Special Interest Autos magazine has a very good 1948-1949 Cadillac drive report with a lot of engine comparison info. This magazine is/was a Hemmings publication. You should be able to find a back issue somewhere or send your mailing address and we will send you a copy of the report. We are not aware of any book specifically dealing with this engine.
I have a 1953 Flathead that won't run on all 8 cylinders. It has good compression and the carb, ignition, etc all check out. Any ideas? George 11/7/2006 George, it may be the valve springs. Get yourself a vacuum gauge and see what the needle does when the engine is running. You want the large gauge that is sold as a diagnostic tool. It has an undampened needle and provided it has a good set of instructions, you should be able to pinpoint the problem. Good luck
French Block-I have a french block that appears to measure +/-.210" between the inner cylinder wall and outer cylinder wall on the front cylinder.This is measured with a caliper through the bottom water hole and the inner cylinder wall. Is this unusually safe for a new french block that has not been bored? I would like to bore to 3.375 but I'm concerned about cylinder wall thickness. I was under the impression that you could bore these french blocks to 3 7/16. Has there been any wall thickness issues with the french blocks? 10/28/2006-The problem with any engine block is getting an accurate picture of wall cylinder thickness. Core shift and other foundry problems can allow wall thicknesses to change depending on where the measurement is taken. The other thing is the intended application. Supercharged engines require more wall thickness than normally aspirated engines. If possible, have your block sonic checked for wall thicknesses and let us know if the .210 dimension is consistent. Thanks
Distributor parts-Phil from England has a french motor in his 49 Ford and needs a distributor cap. 10/5/2006 Phil, we do not stock any ignition parts but you may want to contact Hal. He is listed under the Mark's recommendations icon. We do not have a catalog of parts yet. Some parts are available on the Shadow Rods website. Good Luck
Superchargers-We have had several questions come in regarding advice and parts for blown applications. 10/2/2006 At this time we are not handling any parts for superchargers. Roadrunner Engineering has an excellent book available and should be able to answer your questions regarding parts and performance aspects.
Update-Any word on block availability or price? Also will they be available through dealers? 9/28/2006-No firm date yet on this or prices. At this time we have not established any dealers, it is under review. Thanks
Crank Pulley-Where can I get a crank pulley for my 1937 Ford Sedan? 9/28/2006 Contact Hal. He is listed under the Mark's Recommendations icon.
Pistons-I have a block at the machine shop and will be needing pistons soon. Can I order them from you? 9/18/2006 Sorry but we do not handle pistons for the original Ford blocks anymore. Check Egge for cast pistons and any of the big names like Arias for forged ones.
1949 Lincoln- A question came in requesting info on speed equipment for the 337 CID V8 engine, the big flathead. 9/13/2006- We have seen heads and manifolds for this engine and believe you are correct in assuming these parts are out of production. Contact "Hal" as listed under the Mark's Recommendations" icon and ebay. Some clubs may have members with these parts also. Good Luck
Flathead engine building-Nathan wrote in requesting info on building a flathead engine for his Ford truck. He would like to supercharge it. 9/8/2006 Nathan, check out Frank Oddo's Flathead manual. It gives a lot of details you will find helpful. Roadrunner Engineering has a book on supercharging the flathead. I suggest contacting them for additional info on that subject. There are a lot of vendors with flathead parts. As with any aftermarket equipment, inspect the parts carefully when you receive them. We have seen various problems over the years that can cause headaches if not caught in time. Attention to detail is the key here.
Aftermarket equipment-With the new blocks, will all of the aftermarket components, such as heads and manifolds made by manufacturers like Offenhauser and Edelbrock still work with your new engines? 8/17/2006 Yes, no and maybe. The new engines will be using flat top pistons. Domed heads would be an invitation to detonation. Shaving domed heads may or may not leave enough material on the deck surface. As far as intake manifolds, the new engine will have D shaped ports. Existing manifolds should bolt up but will not match the new ports in the block unless modified. More details will be forthcoming as the block gets closer to production.
Rebuilt engine. Looking for a 1940 90 hp rebuilt engine. Any ideas? 7/18/2006 Listed under "Mark's Recommendations" is Hal in Fayette, Ohio. He has sources for many flathead engines and parts. Let him know what you need.
Does the 59L block have thicker cylinder walls? 7/17/2006 No, this block is the same as the rest. The "L" designates a truck block.
Oil Pump questions 7/17/2006 To Jay and the other folks, please send a phone number. tbanks
French Blocks-One google item quotes that you stated that the French flathead ports flowed better than your street port-while this site indicates that the French blocks do not flow as well at all. I have heard the latter-due to very small flow areas. Which is correct? 6/7/2006 The French blocks we have seen have more material in the bowl areas of the intake ports. We are not sure why this is so but have flow tested this set up and found it flows less than the stock Ford port. This can be corrected with porting-it just involves more time.
Displacement-I have a question, would a 322 cubic inch flathead be driveable on the street? 4.5 stroke with 3 3/8" bore and compression about 8 or 8.5 with stock heads. Or would a 304 be better? 6/6/2006 The driveability is largely influenced by the camshaft and carburetion. More cubic inches is just about always better. Keep in mind that the larger displacement engine should have larger valves and some porting. The heads will need to allow for the larger valves and the transfer area may need to be modified for additional air flow to take full advantage of the extra cubes.
Bore limits-How far can you safely bore a 49 to 53 block without sonic checking? 5/31/2006 3 5/16" is generally considered a safe limit.
Distributor-Time for a tune up. My flathead has a GM distributor and have no idea on replacement parts, got any ideas? 5/31/2006-We need a little more info, is it a points type unit or the HEI version? In either case, there is a number stamped into the side of the body near the cap, this is the identification number. Any good parts store should be able to take it from there.
Engine Rebuild-I've recently acquired a 53 Mercury flathead for a 30 Ford roadster project I'm getting started. How do I get a hold of your shop about getting the motor scheduled for reworking? Scott, Boyne City, Michigan. 5/23/2006 Scott, we are not rebuilding the original flatheads anymore. However, if you look under the "Mark's Recommendations" icon you will find a listing for a shop in the Detroit area that we feel can do the job for you. Good Luck.
Flywheel problem. Installing a 51 Merc engine in a 41 Ford.The flywheel appears to be riding on the back edge of the block. Which flywheel will work with this setup. Running the stock 41 standard trans. Thanks dan 5/22/2006 Dan, use the flywheel for the Merc engine or a 1946-48 Ford flywheel. If you need a source for one, contact Hal in our section titled "Mark's Recommendations"
Blower Parts. Several questions have come in regarding pulleys for the B&M blowers. 5/22/2006 We do not have any parts for the B&M blower setups. You can check with Holley, they bought B&M as well as Weiand blowers. Also, consider Joe Abbott at Roadrunner Engineering. Joe has an excellent book out on supercharging the flathead.
Two Deuce Intake Manifold-How do I get information about your two duece intake manifold? Two planes or open plenum, placement over ports, height of carb base, use of motor heat? 5/19/2006 The MCF two duece intake manifold is similar to the Thickstun hi rise in carb base height. It is a two plane manifold with well developed runners to minimize flow variations. It also flows better than the vintage two duece hi rise manifolds due to the runner configurations in the turn areas. There is no engine heat supplied to the carbs and if Rochester carbs are used, spacer plates are needed to get adequate clearance between them. A slightly different version of this manifold will be available on the new engine to accomodate the larger displacements. Check out the pictures on the Shadow Rods website. thanks
Cam recommendation-I have a 1929 Ford sedan delivery rat rod. It is powered by a 1953 Ford flathead with Offy heads, Offy 3X2 manifold running Holly 94's. It has been balanced with headers and a C4 auto trans. I would like a fairly lumpy idle. thanks Gary 5/1/2006 Gary,at this point there are too many unknowns to make a cam recommendation. Depending on which of the Offy heads you are running, the depth of the combustion chamber will determine how much lift you can run without rework. The Holley 94's will not work well with a "lumpy" cam. The low vacuum level of the cam will start to pull in the power valve(s) and cause all sorts of problems. The 97 carb(s) would eliminate that problem. Also, you did not state the size of the engine. Displacement has a significant effect on the idle quality of the engine when long duration cams are used. And to get the lumpy idle, you will need a certain amount of duration. Sometimes, the torque converter can get to be a problem, depending on the stall speed it wants to run at. Again, displacement or more correctly, engine torque will determine the stall speed. Your rear end ratio will figure into this combination as well.
Transmission-Will an original transmission bolted to a flathead 6 cyl bolt to this new block? 5/1/2006 Assuming that you are referring to the Ford 6 cylinder engine, the answer is yes. It will require an adaptor plate which will be available when the block is released. The rear of the new block is 8BA style.
4 1/2" stroker crank-Will this crank fit the new block? 4/24/2006 A good question. We have not tried one, but it would also depend upon what connecting rod is being used. There is clearance for the 4 3/8" crank.
What original Ford parts will not be compatible with the new block? 4/24/2006 Some of the parts not usable in the new block are the lifters,valves,valve springs,keepers and retainers. Also, the pistons as the new bore is 3.5". The 59AB bushing style water pump will not readily work and the crankshafts will require a minor modification for new end seals. A more detailed list will be made available in the future.
My question is about some MCF heads that are on ebay, the seller says they are suitable for 255 cu in or larger engine and that the head cc's are 105 now.I am a long way from an expert but by my calcs those measurements = less than 5 to 1 comp. Can you let me know if this is correct and if it is, isn't it a bit low? Cheers, Andrew. 4/13/2006 Andrew, you are correct. Those heads are too large for a 255 motor or anything in that range. The goal on any flathead is to get as much compression as possible without a significant loss of airflow. The 105 cc heads would be fine for very large engines unless they were milled, then they would be suitable for smaller displacement engines. Keep posted to the website, when we are open for business it will be announced here.
Hi Mark, I am building a Ford block for a blower setup. Can I use flat top pistons with the Offy 425 head and what would be my compression. Stroke is 4.25 and bore is 3 5/16" and boost is 3 lbs. and I would like to know when your new block is available please. 4/7/2006 The compression ratio is very important on a blown engine. Finding the combustion chamber volume is not easy but it is the only way to calculate it. Variables like the head machining around the valves and the relief work will effect the volume. Keep it at 8:1 or less. Also, we do not recommend running flat top pistons with a head that is dished for domed pistons. That is asking for detonation. Try to get .050" clearance between the top of the piston and the head with a head gasket installed. The more volume in this area, the better the chances are for detonation. Too little volume and the piston will hit the head. If you would like to send your email address, we will notify you when the blocks are available, in addition to having it here on the website.
Have you ever tried to get horsepower out of a Harley flathead? 4-5-2006 No, although we understand that there was a lot of flathead work done between Harley and Indian in the old days.
Stroker Crank-Will the new block have adequate clearance for the 4.375 stroke crank? Gary 4-3-2006 Gary, yes it will clear that crank.
Mercury Oil Pan- I purchased a rebuilt flathead, removed from a 1949 Ford woodie restoration project. I am in the process of installing it in a 50 Mercury. I have the necessary pumps,fan and oil pan, but realized I need the Mercury oil pickup as well. Are they available? thanks Jeff Petersen 4-3-2006 Jeff, contact Hal under the Mark's Recommendations icon. He should have what you need. The truck oil pickup (RT) will work as well. Good luck
I have a 51 Ford motor with a steel bellhousing assembly. A few years ago I saw your 34 Ford test vehicle with the late model 5 speed. What would be involved in making this changeover to my car. Ian 3/27/2006 Ian, this car used the Mustang 5 speed with the 2.95 first gear. In your case, a one inch thick adaptor plate is needed between the trans and your bellhousing. You also need to change over to a 1 1/16-10 spline clutch disc. Contact Red at Weber clutch for help with that. The trans we used had the S-10 tailshaft housing and used a Hurst shifter handle. Send us your email address and we can discuss the details. Thanks
I just got a 50 Merc and need a solenoid for the overdrive. Any help? Thanks, Bill 3/23/2006 Bill, just look under the icon "Mark's recommendations" You will find a listing for Hal in Ohio. He may have the part or know someone who does.
French block-Dirk Lepsin wrote in with a question about some cracks in his french engine block. 3/15/2006 Dirk, we have not seen cracks in the area you described. We would have to see them to determine the extent of the problem, but it sounds like you are correct in your assumption that over torqueing was the problem. In addition, we have found the intake ports of the french blocks to be more restictive than the Ford US blocks. If you are not planning on getting the block ported, the speed equipment you have in mind with not be as effective. If you would like to discuss this block in more detail, please send your email address. thanks
2 Piece valve retainers- I have an 8BA flathead with the 2 piece valve retainer setup.What is its purpose? 3/13/2006 This setup was used for 2 years. It allows the valves to rotate which indicates that Ford was concerned about valve and/or seat wear. We have seen these become more popular on a lot of other engines after the switch to unleaded fuel during the 70's. You can keep them or switch to the one piece retainer, we have not seen any difference between the two setups.
Cooling Manual-We get a number of questions related to engine and/or vehicle overheating. An associate of ours has written a manual on his studies of the subject and is offering it to our website visitors. 3/3/06 Please send $10 (postpaid) to: Malcolm Nevin 1320 Malbay Drive Lutherville, MD 21093 Email: Malcolm has a 1946 Fordor sedan with a flathead running EFI and DIS ignition with a custom made serpentine belt drive.
Block bore size. What is the price on the new block and what is the bore size. Is 3.5 the limit in overboring or the bore size as supplied? 3/1/06 The bore size of the block as sold will be 3.5" This also means overboring will be limited to around .020 depending on how much wall thickness in the sleeve you are willing to run. The price of the new block will be established just prior to its release, in order to capture the volatile costs of raw materials and energy.
Shop address and Phone number, as requested by Nancy Fisher and others 2/25/06 We do not have our new shop finished yet. It is located in the Saginaw, Michigan area. When it is completed and open for business, we will let you know on this website. Our phone number will be available at that time as well. We will be operating as Motor City Speed Equipment, instead of Motor City Flathead. At this time, we do not have any parts for sale and as much as we would like to take phone calls, if would only delay us in getting the new block up and running along with the other MCF parts that so many of you would like to get. Thanks
Oil Cooler-Have you ever tried using an engine oil cooler with a thermostat to control the flow through the cooler in addition to the usual methods of trying to keep a flathead engine cool? Pros/cons Neil 2/25/06 Neil, we have not tried that but some of our customers may have. We have not found a need to do that. The oil pan on the flathead has a lot of surface area, that helps cool the oil more than what most would think. The Peking to Paris 1950 Ford, owned by Ted Thomas, ran 10000 miles through mountains and deserts with no overheating problems. A block with clean water jackets, flat surfaces on the heads and block and MCF heads are what we have found to eliminate engine related overheating problems. The radiator and car body have a large effect as well. One of our associates, Malcolm Nevin, has published a cooling paper for flatheads. I think it is available for a nominal sum, let us know if you are interested. thanks
Flathead Questions-We get quite a few questions covering a multitude of areas on the original flathead V8 engine. 2/22/06 We recommend Frank Oddo's Flathead Handbook. We will try to answer all questions but many times a picture is all that's needed. Frank's book covers a lot of areas and is well worth the price. It is published by Fisher Books. Work is progressing on the new block and related parts. Thanks for your patience.
USED Flathead Engine Parts- Where can I get part number #6656 for my oil pump? Joe 2/20/06 Joe, contact Hal's Garage at 300 E. Main St. in Fayette, Ohio 43521 He carries numerous used parts for the flathead V8. He will soon be listed on the website.
V8 60 Cylinder heads. A question came in regarding heads for this engine. 2/20/06 Billy, We do not plan to make any MCF heads for this engine at this time. It is a matter of volume and pay back for the tooling. Also, the MCF heads for the regular flathead are not made of steel, they are aluminum and will be available soon. Thanks
Many people have inquired about getting their flathead engines rebuilt. We will be modifying the website very soon to reflect the addition of the following recommended source. 2/14/06 Contact Tom Tignanelli. His email address is His shop is north of Detroit.
Where can I get new carbs? 2/11/06 Check on the internet at We understand that new carbs will be released very soon through a network of dealers. We have seen one and they look absolutely great.
What is the part hanging off the block in the picture? How soon will the new blocks be available? 2/11/06 The part on the block is a machining support that is positioned under one of the blocks 3 locator pads. At this time we do not have a firm release date for the blocks. Work is continuing and we will advise as soon as we have something. Thanks
HEI Ignition-Looking into HEI or dual points for the 49-53 flathead. Currently running the stock distributor with a Pertronix trigger and would like to gain more spark. Steve C. 2/7/06 Steve, MSD recently released an HEI type distributor with a small cap. We have also seen Chevy HEI distributors remachined to fit the 8BA. Either of these should provide more firepower for you.
Oil Pickup Problem-I am building a 46 flathead and using a 59A oil pan. I have a new short body pump and the pickup is supposed to work with the early pan. I cut the baffle out but the pickup still hits the pan. It doesn't fit my 49 Merc pan either so I tried using the 49 Merc oil pickup. It is better but still doens't fit. Any suggestions. Beecher 2/6/06 Beecher, we found that you have to carefully bend the oil pickup until it fits. You want to have at least 1/4" space between the pickup and the pan.
Vertex Magnetos-Several people asked if we supply these items. 2/6/06 No, but we have seen some units on the aftermarket.
21 Stud Motor-John and Richard wrote in wanting to get more power from their 21 stud motors. 2/6/06 This motor responds to the same things as the 24 stud motor. You can bore .060" over, add a stroker crank and port the block. The 1936 engine is prized as it is the first one with insert bearings and the last 21 stud engine. Good luck
Water leak-Dale has a small leak at the rear exhaust manifold bolt on the LH manifold. 2/6/06 Dale, if you have the French block, you may need to put sealer on the exhaust bolt. If you have a Ford block, there is probably a crack in the area.
Oil Return Hole- My block has a small tapped hole near the bottom of the block on the same side as the dipstick tube-it leads in and down-is this another oil return hole for the filter? Roger 2/3/06 Yes, Roger that is what the hole is for. In answer to your other question, we are all doing well and working hard to get the block done as well as the other MCF parts that so many of our customers have purchased in the past.
1/30/2006 Just a general note to all. Please check some of the previous questions to see if yours has already been answered. Thanks for your patience and remember to list your email address for a personal response when possible.
1/30/2006 I have a 1940 Ford pick up, will the new engine bolt up to my transmission? Yes, you will need the 1949-51 truck bellhousing.
1/30/2006 Deck height,what is the maximum amount of material that can or should be removed? Remove as little as possible to clean up the surface. Try to keep it under .010"
1/30/2006 I am wondering if your blower intake will accept a GM 6/71 blower. Contact Joe Abbin at Roadrunner Engineering. I think he can take care of you.
1/23/2006 Michael M from Waldo, Wi wrote in with a question about his 1963 Rambler flathead in line six. Michael, the question below also answers part of your question. I don't know your intake valve size but it should probably be bigger. If you cannot find anyone to port your block, send your email address to us. You need to see if a bigger carb is available unless you already plan to use multiple carbs. In that case, several stock carbs would be fine. Custom made headers may be your only option. I think some of the cam grinders may be able to help out in that area.
1/23/2006 John wrote in with some questions about his 1937 21 stud engine. John, We have not made any cylinder heads for this model and do not anticipate doing so in the future. The volume does not warrant it at this time. The biggest problem on most flathead engines is the breathing. Look into some 1.6 diameter intake valves and some mild porting of intake and exhaust ports. Once you have done that, multiple carbs and an aftermarket cam will be much more responsive. You should also replace the stock exhaust manifolds with some of the aftermarket ones. Good luck
1/16/2006 What are the pros and cons for the mushroom lifter? The mushroom lifter we are using has a larger "foot" diameter where it contacts the cam. This allows the cam designer to modify the profile of the lobes to get more area under the curve, in other words to get more air in and out of the engine. The original style lifters are both solid and hollow. There is a big difference in weight between these two. The lighter the lifter, the less spring pressure is needed for a given profile. The mushroom lifter has a smaller body diameter than the original Ford lifter and the new block is set up to accomodate it.
1/12/2006 A question came in regarding a new oil pan for a 1948 block. We suggest checking with Hemmings or Cars & Parts. We are not aware of anyone making new oil pans for the original Ford blocks.
NO OIL PRESSURE-1/11/2006 We have a 49 flathead V8 engine, rebuilt at a reputable machine shop. We now have it installed and back in the car. One problem. There is no oil pressure. Do you have any ideas? There are several things that need to be checked. There is a plug at the front of the engine behind the cam gear, make sure it is in place. It plugs an oil passage. Make sure the fuel pump pushrod bushing is in place. This bushing presses into the block where the oil passage intersect. It must be installed even if you are not using the stock fuel pump. The pickup tube may have been attached to the pump with bolts that are too long and may have bottomed out,allowing air to enter the pump. Same thing for the gasket that goes between the pickup and the pump. There is a gear on the back of the cam that drives the oil pump. Make sure it is in place, many aftermarket cams do not come with this gear installed. In rare cases, this gear has been found to "spin" on the cam. Another thing is to check to make sure the core plugs in the crankshaft are not leaking. They are usually staked in place but have been known to come out. Some engine builders pack the pump with grease for faster oil pressure buildup. Try these things and let us know how it turns out. Good luck.
1/10/2006 A question came in regarding a head bolt kit for the extra thick Weiand head. Check with ARP, they make bolts (and studs) in a variety of lengths and should be able to supply what you need even if they don't have it in kit form. Depending on your application, bolts are available from other suppliers as well such as Gardner-Wescott, McMaster-Carr, etc.
1/9/2006 David P. asked about a kit to install a power steering pump on an 8BA in a 1951 Ford pickup with a Mustang front end. David, we have done these in the past but they end up being custom made. Due to the variables in belt widths,other accessories such as air conditioning and generator (or alternator) location, it makes it difficult to come up with a standard bracket. We do not know of anyone else producing this in volume.
1/3/2006 Neil asked a question about the MCF wire looms for spark plug wires. Neil, We designed and built tooling to make these wire looms. They should be available along with many other parts, including the oil pump kits in the near future. We will put notice on this website or, if you want to send your email address, we will contact you when that happens. Thanks
12/27/2005 Tom had a question about identifying the Ford and Merc cranks. Tom, As you mentioned, most Merc 4"stroke cranks are identified by the 5/8" diameter core plugs in the throws of the crank vs the 3/8" diameter core plugs for the Ford 3 3/4" stroke cranks. However, 4" stroke Canadian cranks also used the 3/8" core plug and the French 4" stroke cranks used a 3/8" threaded plug. Granted, it is difficult to accurately measure cranks at a swap meet. You may want to make some sort of gauge device that can be placed against the main and rod journals to make sure you don't miss a 4" crank with the small holes.
12/21/05 Are the aluminum heads available? Kirk Kirk, The heads, as well as other MCF parts will be available sometime after the first of the year. We will put notification on this website when that happens. Have a very good Christmas, we will be back on line next week.
12/16/05 A question came in regarding availability of the engine blocks once they are released. The question was "will there be a waiting list or will they be readily available?" Once the blocks are released, they will be available, no waiting list is anticipated.
Richard from California needs a stock fuel pump for his 8BA that will work with todays fuels. 12/16/05 Richard, one of our associates just purchased a stock fuel pump from Carquest and believes it would work ok for you. Other parts store may have them as well and should be able to answer your questions of fuel compatibility. Save the receipt!
I have a French built Flathead. Will the MSD ignition PN 8573 work ok? It says it is for the 1949-53 flathead. 12/16/05 This distributor should work but be prepared to make some changes where required. The hold down clamp is one area that will likely need to be reworked. Check to make sure the gears mesh properly as well. Any comments from others who have performed this changeover are welcome. Thanks
What water pumps will be used with the new block? Dec.15th,2005 The regular water pumps will work. However, we plan on offering water pumps with some improvements over the factory units.
Do you have a phone number for customer service? Not at this time, however feel free to use the website to answer any questions. Once the parts are available for sale, a customer service representative will be in place.
This is more of a suggestion than a question. Once you get the ball rolling and the dust has settled, a complete crate motor would be a life saver for a lot of builders, including water pump/motor mounts, flywheel, timing cover and distributor. A turn key engine would be such a blessing. We are thinking along the same lines. Bare blocks would be first to be offered followed by short blocks and hopefully, complete crate engines. Dec. 9,2005
Many questions have come in regarding availability and pricing on the block,heads, etc. We expect to have cylinder heads, transmission adaptors and some of the regular MCF parts available in the near future. Pricing will be determined prior to release of these parts. The block will be addressed as well, short blocks may be an option. Thanks for the interest. Dec.5,2005
Is it possible to see a picture of your 2 duce intake and find out what you will be asking for it? Thank you Mark Mark, We will be posting pictures of many MCF parts as noted in the question and answer below. The price will fixed as soon as we get all the costs established. Thanks for the interest. 11/29/2005
How do I buy your oil pump? I can not find info on your website The oil pump kit and many of the other MCF parts will be available sometime after the first of the year. Notice will be given on this website as soon as that happens.
I have a Canadian made 1949 8BA flathead. Does your full flow oil system install on this engine the same as it would for a US made 8BA? Yes, we have noticed some of the Canadian blocks with an extra oil pressure port but the kit will install the same.
What is the best aftermarket head for a '46 Ford flathead? How's the Edelbrock heads, especially with the overheating problems? I'm trying to figure out if I want to change my original heads or not. Could you give me your opinion? When purchasing any cylinder heads, always closely check for porosity in the castings. Also, check spark plug fit, sometimes you will encounter loose conditions. Another thing to look for is proper fit of the head gasket especially around the valve pockets. The fire ring of the gasket should not protrude into the chamber, it has the job of sealing between the block and the head. Regarding your concerns about cooling, the MCF heads were cast with a different water jacket layout and are specific side to side. We have found this to work very well. Used heads are sometimes soft on the deck surface after being subjected to detonation. (New heads would be the same way if they were not heat treated.)
Note to Allan Burns We would like to discuss your project in more detail. Please send us your phone number. thanks
I have a fresh 59AB block with a Merc crank. Rear main seal leak! Any ideas ro suggestions for a fix? Different style seal or correct installation? Sure would like to dry this engine up. Look's like you have addressed this problem on your New block. Good luck on that project. Steve Steve, We have found that we can "dry" up the rear main seal by using a graphite coated rope seal and by using silicone sealer on the seal holder. The procedure is a little lengthy for this column but it is described in the Flathead articles we did for Street Rodder magazine in the mid 90's.
Will your new adapter bolt up to a 59A/B block? I like being able to use the Mustang trans, much more choice of ratios and its Ford! What pressure plate do you recommend? Thank you, Steve. Steve, Yes, we will have adaptors to fit the Mustang trans to the 59 AB block. Weber makes a very good pressure plate.
What is the average deck height of the flathead block? The Ford specification is 10.437". We have seen many of these at .010" over, 10.447".
You mention this block for bonneville use, is this block legal in the vintage classes. Regards, Jim Jim, This block is not legal for Bonneville,the reference in the lower end strength paragraph was referring to existing Ford flathead engines.
Am ready to build a 239 8BA flathead. I have 2 sets of pistons. One set is 11 to 1. 30 over, the other is 90 over flat top. I was wondering which would be the best to run with a Mcculla super charger? The compression ratio should be 8 to 1 or less with any forced induction system. A book by Roadrunner Engineering called "Blown Flathead" is excellent reading. Add a copy to your library and don't forget to install a boost gauge on the engine.
Are you planning to sell an aluminum intake manifold that fits a Holley 390 CFM 4 barrel carb and the D shape intake ports (along with matching D shaped gaskets) Yes, but not right away. The block is consuming the bulk of the time right now but we plan on releasing a 4 barrel intake manifold. The 2 duece high rise intake manifold we developed is working very well and will be available sometime after the first of the year.
On the stock block, the crank center is offset from the intersection of the cylinder centers. Is that offset eliminated on your new block. No, we have maintained the original offset.
Can a beehive oil filter be used with the MCF oil kit? The beehive filter has 1/8" pipe fittings. The short answer is no. The 1/8" fittings are too restrictive. We know of some folks who have modified the beehives only to have the gasket blow out under the lid. This required remachining to accomodate an o-ring. We will be introducing a beehive filter for use with the MCF oil kits and the new engine block. Expect something after the first of the year along with some of our other parts.
I have an 8BA block with a crack between a water hole going to a stud, located between the first and second cylinders. Can this be repaired by a machine shop? Would like your opinion on going to a 4 1/4" stroke with a 3 5/16" bore with a blower. Many of the original blocks are cracked as you have found. We leave the cracks alone and find that as long as the head is flat and the headbolts are torqued to 50 ft-lbs.,you should be fine. The stroker crank and 3 5/16" bore should work good. It would be a good idea to sonic check the bores, only because it is very hard to see what the OD of the cylinders look like after so many years of usage or storage with the variety of coolants used.
I have two wooden gypsy wagons that I tow with a 52 F1 pickup. I want an engine not for racing or cruising, but for towing, also for general use up to 65 mph with the stock 3.92 rear end gears. What kind of cam should I run? My current Potvin grind 3/4 race cam seems too radical-winds well but no guts. Perhaps this is aggravated by the 390 CFM Holley four barrel? I have an old Mallory dual point and mildly milled iron heads. When your new block is out, will there be a set up (heads and cam) for this kind of use? Yes, your application needs cubic inches to do what you want. The larger bore along with a 4" or 4 1/4" stroke crankshaft will do the job. Your Potvin cam may work better with the larger engine although in your application, a stock cam may be sufficient since the new block has high flowing ports as cast. Your heads may not be the best choice as our new blocks will be using a flat top piston but the MCF head will work just fine. The Holley carb will be OK and you may want to consider the MSD electronic distributor.
Does Motor City Speed Equipment do work such as valve and seat grinds, boring, milling and crank grinding on vintage flathead in line-4 engines? No, we are not doing anything with the vintage engines although we are working to secure a reputable shop in the Detroit area to do this. We will post a notice on this website as soon as this is done. Thanks
A question was submitted regarding the MCF oil pump kits on Ebay. We are not selling our kits on ebay. We would appreciate the ebay item number in order to check into this further. Thanks
What is the largest bore size for the French flathead? Generally, 3 3/8" is the largest although it would be wise to have the bores sonic checked for thickness first.
How is your new block going to handle unleaded fuels? Also, will the late model distributor work? We have looked at the issue of valve seat inserts and are also looking at induction hardening of the seat areas. The OEM's have used induction hardening since the early 70's on cast iron heads. Durability testing will tell us what we need to do here. Both the early and late distributors can be used on the new block, the only difference will be the front cover.
Are you going to produce the MCF hypereutectic cast pistons? I have a problem with the 4-4.5 clearance for forged pistons. We are currently investigating a hyper eutectic piston. We have a forged piston selected and are considering both at this time. What are the problems you had with the forged piston?
Is this new block similar to the "French flathead"? Word was that the French block was the ultimate flathead, now you don't hear anything about them. The French block is a newer casting so you are not dealing with an old block and all the problems associated with 50 plus year old cast iron. It does have some differences and you need to know what these are ahead of time. Check it out. The new MCF block is going to have many changes incorporated that are impossible to do to the original Ford block or the French blocks. An example is the beefed up center main web along with the redesigned intake and exhaust ports.
From the Wilson & Woods website they state the following: heads fit all 1949 through 1953 Ford and Mercury V8 blocks. WIll these work with the new block? These heads will fit the new block. Keep in mind that the new block will be using flat top pistons. Knowing that, you may want to get some W&W heads without the dome or you will have to custom order some 3.5 bore pistons with the correct dome.
Where are you guys located? We used to have a shop in Dundee,Michigan. It was sold last year. We are preparing a new facility in Saginaw, Michigan and will be operating out of there early next year.
A question was submitted regarding the availability of the oil pump kits. These kits as well as most of the other MCF parts should be ready sometime after the first of the year. A run of transmission adaptors has been poured and will be machined shortly.
What is the max bore size of the block? The new block will be set up with a 3.50" bore. The bore size could probably be made larger than this but it would involve using a much higher cost thinner wall sleeve. Not impossible, just expensive and certainly in some applications it may be the way to go.
Several folks have asked for an update on the catalog and the block. At this time, expect something after the first of the year. As things firm up, we will provide better estimates on this website. Thanks for your patience.
A lot of questions have been coming in concerning dealerships as well as the price of the block, etc. Dealerships will be addressed sometime after the block is introduced. As you can imagine, there are many many things to be done to get the first run of blocks produced, let alone developed. Expect the price to be established after the first several engines have been tested to our satisfaction. Once we get a handle on the volume level, it will be time to consider dealers. In addition to the block, most of the previous MCF parts will be available, along with several new items. Thanks for your patience, we are working all out on this project.
What about the stainless steel wire looms? The wire looms and other MCF parts are targeted to be available sometime around the first of next year.
How much oil should a freshly rebuilt flathead use? Oil consumption can be affected by several things. We would expect to see no more than 1 quart in 1000 miles.
Will traditional speed equipment fit the new block? Yes, cylinder heads and manifolds will bolt on, camshafts as well although the new block is using a mushroom style lifter. The old lifters will not fit. See the previous questions for more info. Thanks
Oil pickup tube question from Jim Kenehan. Jim, please send me your email address. We may be able to help you.
I'm trying to find a transmission adapter to put a Saginaw on my flathead. Do you have any references? Saginaw made several transmissions, which one are you working with? Our adaptor works with the Mustang 5 speed and the Tremec.
Several questions have come up about the price and availability of the new block. At this time the first run of prototype blocks are going through the machining process. Once these blocks are assembled into engines and tested, we will announce a tentative delivery date. A price will be determined at that time since the cost of various items, mainly raw material is so volatile. Thanks for your patience. MK 9-1-2005
Joey asked if the original MCF oil filter kits with the hose in the pan are available. These kits should become available sometime around the first of the year.
Andrew asked a question about timing gears. The timing gears you are referring to were made several years ago and tested. They performed with no problems and will be offered in the near future. Hopefully around the first of the year they will be available along with other MCF parts. Watch the website for more info on this. Thanks.
I read that you have hundreds of blocks that you have rejected, are those for sale? MCF had accumulated over 100 original blocks through the years that needed work due to cracks and broken bolts. Those were scrapped over a year ago when the old building was sold.
Several folks have asked about the transmission adaptors for the 5 speed trans. We have another run being made on these, the foundry is pouring this week. We will provide ordering info on this website when they are available.
Response to the latest questions about the MCF shop. The old Motor City Flathead shop has been sold to a local businessman. Mark is working on a shop in Saginaw, Michigan and it will open sometime this year. In the meantime, Mark is traveling daily between the foundry,machine shop and various vendors in the effort to get the new engine block in production. The old catalog is no longer valid although some of the items in it may reappear in the new catalog. The new catalog will be printed sometime after the block is released. Thanks for the interest.
In response to the question about the status of Motor City Flathead, etc. At this time, the company is in a transitional stage. As you may have read in various publications, MCF and Shadow Rods are involved in some joint projects. Mark Kirby at MCF is mainly involved in bringing the new flathead block into production. Parts for this block, along with heads and manifolds will be coming out soon. The best way to get in touch with Mark is through this website or at the major car shows. Thanks to all the support for this monummental project.
Status of the catalog A catalog will be printed and online sometime after the block is released. In the meantime, all efforts are being put forth into getting the block in production. Thanks for all the patience and the interest.
Response to Allan Burns on your fuel dragster engine. The new blocks have furnace brazed cylinder sleeves. It may be possible to special order a block with whatever sleeve thickness and material it takes to do the job. That is going to be much more feasible than a block without water jackets.
Until last Saturday, I thought every 59 series block had a bore of 3 3/16 inch. Then an expert machinist measured the block I brought him, with "59" embossed on th bellhousing, and he measured the bore: 3 1/16 inch. Can that be? If so, how far may it be bored safely, assuming no core shift or other anomaly? The early 59 blocks were 3 1/16" as you found out. These can generally be overbored to 3 5/16".
Quite a few folks have been asking about price and availability of the new block. Price and delivery will be published as soon as possible. The tooling is currently being fine tuned and the foundry will be pouring this week. Keep watching this website for the latest developments. Thanks
I've purchased 2 running flatheads, 1947 & 1951 truck motors. I have the 51 block ready for inspection and modification. Is this what you guys do? Can I call and speak to someone or do I just bring it down for an inspection. I wish to rebuild and put it in my 34 Ford Rdstr. Rich Rich, We do not service the old motors any more. All efforts are directed towards the new block and various items for it. I may have a local flathead builder that can help you. I will do some checking and let you know.
I have experienced first hand how the stock bottom end is in the flathead especially the rods (kicked one through the side of my primo block) are the new motors going to have upgrades that may fit the stock cranks and blocks? The new block will accept the stock crank. The center main bearing web is strenghtened and utilizes a 4 bolt cap. We have found the stock rods to be extremely durable. If you had a rod failure it probably was due to detonation. Detonation has ruined more hi performance engines than any other one thing, and not just on flatheads.
How can I get a T-shirt? In black please. At this time we are not offering any clothing items, however we welcome your suggestions as these will be made available in the near future.
Do you make or can you get magnetos for Y-blocks? No, this sounds like something you might find at Carlisle or Hershey.
Any plans to make the 60hp block? Not at this time, it would be interesting to find out what demand exists for this engine.
With no bores cast into the block what stops the top deck from moving away from the bottom and do all 24 studs thread into the bottom? The cylinder sleeves are brazed into the block at the top and bottom. This joint is stronger than the parent material. Only the studs around the bore go to the bottom, the ones near the valves cannot as they would break into the cam galley, etc.
Will MCF cams be available? Yes, cams for the new block as well as existing engines will be available in the near future.
Any update on pricing on the new block? We are still working on that and will release it as soon as possible.
When will the "alternator in a generator" be available and will it fit a late model y-block? This item is "in process". The new block, etc has taken priority. Our intention will be for the MCF generator to replace almost any existing unit, Ford Y-block, GM, etc. It would be a matter of coming up with the appropriate mounts for the various applications. Rat rod expert, Doug A, in Maumee, Ohio and Mark M, engineering consultant in Canton, Michigan are currently working on this. Please keep checking back.
What about catalogs? A catalog will be available sometime in the near future. Right now the only things in production are the MCF heads and two duece intake manifolds. Once the block and various components are available expect to see the catalog. Thanks for your patience.
A question was asked about an engine built sometime back, s/n S-153 regarding bore size, etc. The records for the many engines built are not immediately accessible. We recommend tearing down the engine to inspect the bores, pistons, rings, etc. Many of the problems relating to oil fumes coming from the breather can be traced to damage caused to the above components from detonation. As mentioned in previous questions, we are not rebuilding engines at this time. Close inspection of these parts should reveal what needs to be done.
Where can I get a 471 blower manifold? The only source we know of is Navarro in California.
What about dealerships? Dealerships will be addressed at some point in the future, thanks for inquiring.
Will the new block accomodate the "steady" rods used on the pre-49 cars? No, the rear of the new block will be 8BA style. The steady rods are thought to have been installed to eliminate any chattering of the clutch. They were not used in any of the 49 & up flatheads.
Will the smaller diameter lifter bore have a problem with more wear? The casting has extra material added to the height of the lifter bore. Revisions to the oiling system are also being made in this area. This is an area that will be monitored during engine testing. Check back for future developments.
Are MCF breather covers available? Not at this time but look for them in the not too distant future. Cylinder heads and 2 duece intake manifolds are currently being poured and machined. Watch for info on these on this website. Thanks
What about supercharging? The new block has a strengthened center main web section along with a 4 bolt cap. Cylinder wall thickness is uniform and now a known number, many of the original blocks have localized pitting and varying wall thicknesses in the cylinder walls. We have cut open a number of the old blocks and seen the effects of core shift and years of use with various coolants. It can be surprising to say the least.
what is the weight of the new block? The new block weighs about the same as the old one. Exact numbers will be published in the near future.
Several questions have been raised about a price for the block. The price is yet to be determined. The price of the raw material(s) is changing daily, also some of the processes involved are still being developed. Stay tuned.
Will a conventional intake manifold fit? Yes, however the ports will not match the block. Some grinding on the manifold would be required if a line on line match is desired. The manifold could be run "as is".
Is the estimated horsepower number(s) with a stock cam? No, these numbers would require an aftermarket cam.
What about carb heat since the crossover no longer exists in the new blocks? Carb heat could be supplied with hot water with the right adaptor plate and some plumbing. Drilling an opening where the old exhaust passage used to be to connect to the new exhaust ports should be possible. It is not recommended at this time. Look for specific instructions on how to do this in the future.
What is the deck height? Will the pistons and head be domed as with the stock engine? The deck height is the same as stock. The pistons being offered for this block will be flat tops. The heads offered for the new block will not have a dish for any domes. Dished MCF heads will be available for those running domed pistons in the old engines.
Can you give any details on the divider in the center exhaust ports? The exhaust ports in the new engine were developed with a divider as part of the engine block. The heat crossover for the carb has been eliminated as well as most of the opening between the ports which allowed "crosstalk" or back flow between them. A picture of this area should be posted on the website at some point in the future. Thanks for asking.
Do you have any stock parts or rebuild any of the original engines? No, however most swap meets have folks with these items. We do not rebuild any of the old engines.
Will the MCF full flow oil system that was developed for the original flathead V8 still be available? Yes, however the new block has a revised oiling system that eliminates the oil hose in the pan.
Will a complete engine be available? Possibly at some point in the future, the major thrust now is to make the block and components available.
Are lifters installed before the cam goes in? How are valve lash clearances adjusted? The lifters are mushroom style, similar to the Y-block engine. They are installed before the cam. Valve clearances will be adjusted with a screw in the end of the lifter.
What about head gaskets? Are bore centers the same? Bore centers are the same, a special head gasket will be offered. There may be a copper shim type in addition to a composite style.
Will stock/aftermarket components bolt on? Most major items will fit. The original bolt patterns are being used. Certain items like the lifters, guides and valves are different and will be offered. The oil pan will be a custom unit and will use modern lip seals. Several versions will be available to fit various chassis.
What is the configuration of the front and rear of the block? The rear of the block is patterned after the 8BA and the front of the block is like a 59AB engine.
What material is the block? The block is grey cast iron, 3000 series.
Is there a catalog available? Not at this time, but look for one sometime in the near future.
What is the estimated horespower? We estimate approximately 270 - 300 horespower. After we do a test on a dyno, we'll have a more accurate answer. Please stay tuned.
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