Lower End Strength


Three main bearings have always been a weak link in the modified flat motor. Today, all V-8’s have five main bearings. To strengthen a flat motor people have made main cap straps to reinforce the center main cap. Full competition motors such as super charged Bonneville’s, Dry Lakes Racers etc.. buy after market main caps then build a full girdle over top of the cap that ties into the oil pan rail. This can get quite expensive. First you buy, or make main caps. Second build a girdle, third bolt all that together and have it line bored and then have a custom pan built to fit on the girdle. Quite expensive!


On our new block we strengthened the front center and rear webbing in the block. We added support to the center main web and tied it into the side of the block. This makes it very strong. Also we’ve designed heavy duty front and rear main caps and a center main cap that is bridged over the entire width of the motor. They are made of ductile iron for maximum strength. There are four bolts on the center cap and all three caps are doweled for location. This makes for the ultimate in strength.

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